It all started with a little sunshine....

 Dayna, a Special Education Teacher and Laurin, a Speech Language Pathologist met at their new school in 2012. They quickly bonded over their mutual love for the special needs students they shared and became colleagues who collaborated often, as well as close friends. While working with their exceptional students was extremely fulfilling, they often found themselves wondering what would become of these individuals as they grew up, aged out of school and became adults? What types of opportunities would they have in a world where opportunities are often far and few between for "typical" people?

 Despite knowing how hard working and capable their students were, they found that employment opportunities for not only intellectually, but also physically disabled people in their local community were extremely limited. Being young, idealistic educators, the women decided that this simply would not do and it was time to do something about it. But what

Here Comes the Sun....

Teachers are often blessed with the gift of creativity, and Dayna was no different. During a weekend with family, her brother showed her the by-product of a splined shaft and asked if she could think of a way to use them with her students? It looked exactly like a small yellow sunshine and Dayna was instantly inspired. Recycling, another of Dayna's passions, would be the key to employing special needs adults and thus, Pockets Full of Sunshine was born.

She arranged for the "sunshines" to be recycled and re-purposed by a local group of special needs adults. They are currently being made into greeting cards, gift tags, magnets and stationary or sold by the "pocket-full" to be used in any crafty way you can dream up! Proceeds from the sale of these products will be put towards opening an eco-friendly, community craft center in Beaufort County which will be fully staffed by intellectually and physically disabled adults. If you are interested in purchasing sunshine products, check out our product page and shoot us an email! 

Eco-Friendly? Community Crafts?

The Community Craft Center will be a bright, colorful, lively place that celebrates and unites people of every type of ability while providing necessary employment opportunities for adults with exceptionalities. It will not only complement the Lowcountry's number one industry, tourism, but also help to preserve our beautiful coastal ecosystem through it's use of recycled products. Visitors and locals alike will have a place to purchase a variety of unique, environmentally friendly souvenirs and gifts hand crafted by a very special staff.