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Mitchelville Beach Clean Up

Laurin Rivers


Living at the beach is such a treasure, and one our adults don’t always get the chance to enjoy enough of! We all love enjoying the beach during Fun in the Sun but feel like doing our part to help care for our natural resources is equally as important. Recycling has always been one of the backbones to Pockets since our signature sunshine is re-purposed plastic waste so we thought organizing a beach clean up would be a great activity for our Rays!


We partnered with our friend Nick of ‘Know No Boundaries’ to lead our beach clean up and teach the Rays some interesting facts about our unique local ecosystem along the way.


The day was HOT but we picked up lots of trash (mostly in the parking lot thankfully) and everyone enjoyed dipping their feet in the ocean!


We plan to make this a regular event and to spread sunshine by visiting a different beach each time!