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I Scream, You Scream... for a SWEET Fundraiser!

Laurin Rivers


There is nothing better than a fundraiser that is actually FUN! And what could possibly be more fun than ice cream?


We were so excited to be approached by our favorite local ice cream shop, The Ice Cream Cone to do an end of the season fundraiser. They agreed to not only donate their remaining ice cream to PFS but were also kind enough to invite our Rays to come in and scoop! This is exactly the type of opportunity we love, inclusive and a chance to practice functional vocational skills!


We happily took over duty at The Ice Cream Cone with the assistance of their wonderful owners and it could not have been more fun! The ice cream was delicious and the Rays had an absolute blast working the counter and serving their friends, family and community members!


Thank you Ice Cream Cone for thinking of our adults and creative ways to promote inclusion and give back to your community! This is what it is all about!