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Mother's Day Market and a Lowcountry Craft

Laurin Rivers

Our Rays have been working hard over the last year to create several annual crafts that are sure to be crown pleasers. Our sweet little recycled tree branch garden gnomes have been a big hit over the last two years, particularly the holiday version. The gnomes have become our yearly winter craft but we were still in search of the perfect summer version to accompany it.

All Oysters.jpg

This year we were asked by our wonderful friends and supporters at the Wexford Village to participate in their Mother's Day Market, 'A Celebration of Women' to kick off the holiday and the opening of their summer Market. We knew we needed a great new craft product that would be beloved by the market goers and would be sure to make a special Mother's Day gift. 

Market 3.jpg
Market 2.jpg

Once again, we took our inspiration from nature and the beauty of our lowcountry landscape and decided to try a new craft with Oyster shells!

Oysters 2.jpg

The Rays had a blast creating these one of a kind mini oyster paintings and they loved the fact that just like us, no two are just alike! Like our gnomes, this craft presented a perfect opportunity for Rays of varying fine motor abilities to work together. We find that working with your friends is always the most fun way to create!     

Market 1.jpg

The paintings sold so well that we have decided to make them our official summer craft! Be on the lookout for them (in two sizes!) at local events this summer and contact us if you are unable to attend but would like to own one of your own!