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Wednesdays at the Wexford Market

Laurin Rivers

This summer we were invited by the Village of Wexford to participate in their new Wednesday Market! We had previously participated in the Bluffton Farmer's Market on Thursday afternoons so we couldn't wait to spread the sunshine and add a second regular market to our roster! Our adults were so excited for the opportunity and absolutely loved working the market under our signature blue sunshine tent! 


We sold a variety of Sunshine Products including our signature cards and stationary.


As well as our Garden Gnomes! The Garden Gnomes are extra special works of art created by the Rays. The Gnomes are made of fallen tree limbs from Hurricanes Matthew and Irma and they allowed the Rays the chance to make something beautiful out of the devastation the storm caused to our beautiful island. The Gnomes were dreamed up by a 12-year-old volunteer who had a great time teaching the Rays how to paint them!

The adults spent time not only creating the Gnomes but also naming them and coming up with their backstories and personalities. How cute are they? 


The best part of the Wednesday market? Spreading awareness and meeting new friends each time our adults attended! Thank you Wexford Village for this great opportunity! We look forward to participating in your holiday market and next summer!