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A very special Sunday with the HHCA Z Club!

Laurin Rivers

Last year Pockets Full of Sunshine received a generous donation from the Hilton Head Christian Academy Z Club, an incredible service club for high school girls. 

To thank them for their generosity we invited the Z Club to come participate in a Sunday crafting session and spend some quality time with the adults. The Rays were so excited to spend time with the Z Club girls and show them what Sunday's were all about! 

Snowmen Group.jpg

Last Sunday the day was finally here and we had a roster of fun activities planned! After introducing themselves to each other, the Z Club girls and the adults paired off to create an adorable No Sew Snowman craft!


Once the group was finished crafting they got into the holiday spirit by decorating Christmas Cookies! 

Lauren and Friends.jpg
Jeremy and Chloe.jpg

After we were finished crafting and snacking we had a special surprise in store for the Z Club. The adults had created a one of a kind palm frond fish in the Christian Academy colors! The fish highlights what the adults do each Sunday, craft using recycled materials, and was a special Thank You to the Z Club for their donation! The girls loved their fish and promised to find a special place to hang it at HHCA.

Group 2.jpg

Little did we know a member of the club had an even bigger surprise in store for us! Chloe and Natalie Izant took the opportunity to present Pockets Full of Sunshine with an extremely generous donation from the Izant Family Foundation! 


We were absolutely blown away and are so thankful to both the Izant family and the HHCA Z Club. We look forward to many more collaborations and fun times to come!