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Step Into Our Sunday!

Laurin Rivers

Hello! Hope that where ever you may be reading from today, the sun is shining! 

If you follow us on social media then you have probably seen some of our posts and pictures detailing our Sunday sessions. You may have thought, 'how fun! I wish I could come' (You can! Come any Sunday!) or you  may have thought 'This looks cool but their photography skills could use some work' (Hey! we're working on it, but if you like taking pictures and want to come photograph a session, come on down!) or perhaps you thought 'what in the heck are they doing?' in which case, read on, this post is for you! 

WHAT: Our current program is centered around crafting. Since the sunshine is a recycled material, we try to incorporate recycling and sustainability into as many of our craft products as possible. Craft projects often change every few weeks and there are usually several options for the adults to choose to work on during each session. Some of our past favorites include: bird houses, tissue paper votives and refurbishing bicycles! 

WHERE: We meet each Sunday at First Presbyterian Church on Hilton Head Island. They are kind enough to allow us the use of their 'creation station' craft room. Could that name be any better? I mean really. We are very thankful to have this wonderful, donated space that is such a perfect fit!

WHO: ANYONE is welcome to attend on a Sunday! We currently have 12 adults with various special needs who attend and that number is growing weekly! We always welcome new volunteers and participants! If you are interested in coming in any capacity at any time, please don't hesitate to contact us

WHEN: 1-3 weekly on Sundays excluding holidays and special events.

WHY:  Why do we do it? Read Here. Why should you join us? Easy! Because it's FUN, it's FREE and it will make your Sunday! We listen to music and develop relationships while we craft. Sunday sessions give caregivers a break (although many stay to help because it's just so fun!), give the adults a chance to learn and practice vocational skills and also give volunteers the chance to get to know an exceptional adult who will make their day (or life!) a little sunnier :) 

The pictures featured in this post are from last Sunday, we worked on sunshine cards, made key chains and painted beach scenes for a special upcoming project! 

Come check us out! You won't regret it!