Pockets Full of Sunshine

Thank you for joining Us for Fun in the Sun for EVERYONE 2017! 

We had a great time and can't wait for next year!

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 Our Mission

Pockets Full of Sunshine’s mission is to make Beaufort County a 'sunnier' place by providing socially inclusive employment opportunities for adults with intellectual and physical disabilities. If you have ever had the pleasure of knowing or loving an exceptional individual, then you know first hand the kindness, gentleness and love they exude. Their bright demeanor and joyful personalities are literally "rays of sunshine" to those who cross their paths.

 Unfortunately, there is often a lack of understanding and discreet discomfort between the general population and individuals with special needs. We believe this is due to minimal exposure and a lack of inclusion in the community for exceptional adults. Most individuals with disabilities are truly exceptional people with unique gifts and talents, who each have something to offer their community, be it performing a vocational service, or just offering a friendly smile. Through providing employment opportunities for exceptional individuals, Pockets Full of Sunshine will not only increase their exposure to and interaction with the general population, but will also provide them with increased independence, growth and a sense of personal pride. 

Our Rays of Sunshine

We provide social and vocational opportunities for adults with disabilities in a visible and inclusive setting. Click through to see a few of our "Rays" of sun, our name for the amazing adults we work with!

Thank you to our Sponsors